It hurts me every time I do this but I just can’t stop torturing myself.


8 Weird Things Women Do To Push Guys Away

These are all me. -_-

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It may seem that “men are from Mars” and “women are from Venus,” and as a man with many female friends and many women clients, I’m here to share both sides of the conversation.

What a woman may think is proper behavior in dating and relationships, a man might believe is way off-base and a deal breaker.

Here are some of the major ways women sabotage their own relationships. (Oh, and men do this as well.)

Before you read it ask yourself, “How many of these am I doing or have I done?”

1. Overanalyzing Every Word (Or Close To it!)

Typically, a man can say or do something without much thought. On the other hand, women tend to spend hours discussing the nuances in what a man said or did with a girlfriends. They will break down every part of the communication. Was it a…

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15 Reasons Your Relationships Keep Not Working Out

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It’s so easy for us to give up faith in relationships. Many of us have thought about quitting several times. People will tell you, “When you fall off a horse, you have to get back on.” That’s provided you haven’t concluded that you don’t even want to be on that damn horse. Relationships can be like horses. Some people think they’re beautiful, remarkable, strong and elegant creatures. Others think they’re stinky, stupid, wild and really not all that important to their lives. There’s many ways to view relationships; the key is that we’ve all got to find ourselves in self-examination when relationships fail or don’t work out. Yes, there are many times when it wasn’t our fault, it was their fault. However, there are times that regardless of who’s fault, it’s time to examine why it isn’t working out.

1. You don’t know when to shut up — There comes…

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Bad Dream

You are the most heartless person I know.

I don’t know what I did to deserve this.

To have someone tell me those words

Now, I am that person who’s used to hearing hurtful words.

Used to not receiving comfort texts after a fight

Used to a fight

Used to being treated like a trash

I am that person who just accepts everything

That person who does good things for a bad person

That person who wishes a person to change

It’s that bad now

No, you’re not a knight in shining armor

You’re that bad dream we all want to wake up from.

Saving a Folder


Stephen had this folder that he was supposed to use as base for his laptop’s fan. He cut a hole on it where the fan was supposed to be placed to cool the laptop from below. Unfortunately, his laptop was too heavy for it. So, I asked if I could “fix” it; he was gonna throw it anyway.

That up there is the final product. I should say, I’m pretty happy about it. 😀

10 Reasons Nice Girls Become Crazy Ex-Girlfriends

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1. We care a lot (and usually way too much)

Nice girls are used to giving 110 percent to anyone and everyone they care about: their parents, their friends, the homeless man on the street, and their significant others. So, they give a guy their whole heart and expect the same in return. When that doesn’t happen, they are devastated and it drives them crazy to think someone doesn’t reciprocate the complete devotion that they give.

2. We are optimistic and hopeful

We are always expecting the best out of everyone and every situation. So, when we enter a new relationship, we think it will be magical and last forever. We seriously just can’t help it. We just aren’t realistic about really anything. So, when it ends like everyone around us told us it would, we are crushed. Mind, body, and soul. Crushed.

3. We are givers

Giving is…

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