Saving a Folder


Stephen had this folder that he was supposed to use as base for his laptop’s fan. He cut a hole on it where the fan was supposed to be placed to cool the laptop from below. Unfortunately, his laptop was too heavy for it. So, I asked if I could “fix” it; he was gonna throw it anyway.

That up there is the final product. I should say, I’m pretty happy about it. 😀


Cheers Chair!


Yey! I’m done with Shop 7 and this is the fruit of my labor, well, OUR labor. Stephen and I worked really hard on it. Super worth it, the chair is AMAZING! :))

Change of Perspective


Been busy today ’cause it’s my FREE DAY! Folded some laundry. Cleaned my place. AND rearranged my study area :). What I did basically was replace the chair that I bought along with the table with the chair that was here in the dorm when I first got here. I previously used that chair as a space where I put my food container. It was wee bit larger but more comfortable than the chair that came with the table. I was thinking months ago about switching them but I never had the time to do so. So yey for this free time :).

Now it’s more comfortable to study here. I just place my pillow on the chair and I am all set to study.

Huhu HUGE waves of deadlines coming soon, tho :(.