Little Things

OCT 8 2014. Total Lunar Eclipse from a rooftop of a building in KNL

‘Cause you tried and that’s all I wanted. 😀 I did not get to see the moon turn bloody orange in person but the picture is more than enough to make my day. I know mababaw and you probably won’t understand but thank you :).

I can’t see the bloody moon above but still, this made me smile. 😛

Although we’re “magkaaway” tonight, I’m quite okay. I know we’ll be fine by tomorrow, I just know.


Lab is Love


July 25, 2014

I feel so loved. ❤

It was just an ordinary day. I went to my dad’s office to use my laptop (we still don’t have electricity at home) and their internet (hihi, and it’s really fast). I opened my Facebook account and saw that message from Ma’am She. I really miss everyone from the lab. Can’t wait to go back there on August and see everyone again.