I had the most peaceful day last Saturday. It was just with my bed, my laptop and myself. Except for the times that I was talking to you, you never crossed my mind. It felt so refreshing to not be constantly reminded that I will never be good enough for someone.

I had been struggling since I woke up today, confused as to what to do today, stay in the dorm and continue this good feeling or go out, see you and risk the happy vibe I earned from yesterday.

I went anyway. It was good, until I started thinking again. I really don’t want to point things out again because I know you would interpret it as pang-aaway but I just have to because it’s better that you know. But then I realized, I have been saying the same thing since the time you changed and nothing changed back ever since. Sometimes I think to myself, maybe you were doing it intentionally so I would change my mind and just let go, or maybe you were just so busy doing something. I’m just scared to ask you which.

If I could just have a peace of mind with you. If I could just feel good about this. If I could just stop thinking. If I could just ignore the indifference. We’d be really happy.


Little Things

OCT 8 2014. Total Lunar Eclipse from a rooftop of a building in KNL

‘Cause you tried and that’s all I wanted. 😀 I did not get to see the moon turn bloody orange in person but the picture is more than enough to make my day. I know mababaw and you probably won’t understand but thank you :).

I can’t see the bloody moon above but still, this made me smile. 😛

Although we’re “magkaaway” tonight, I’m quite okay. I know we’ll be fine by tomorrow, I just know.

Keeping My Head Up


Done reading this a long time ago but still haven’t kept it with all the other books. I just love looking at it all the time, esp. while studying :3. I always say that I’m not yet done reading it so Boss wouldn’t think that it’s special to me. I’m weird that way huhu.

EEE long quiz later (it’s 12:30AM). Hope I ace this one :).