Blackout 2014: Loud Music, Booze and Friends


First legit PARTY that I attended in my entire college life 🙂

Fun because of my friends. Deafening ultra loud music was annoying. Booze was not so good. Nice conversation with drunk pips, though. AND, I stayed sober the whole time. 😛

Cheers for the experience!


Friends and A Silent Film

Got to watch “Curro Vargas” last Sunday with Boss and my friends Kim, Annie and Oreo, Annie’s boyfriend. Dami ganap that day. I was so sleepy from staying up late the night before pero it was worth it.

I stayed at Emma’s hotel room all morning, just making kwento with the girls. Had a make-up tutorial from Kim, who have turned into a really strong and beautiful lady. And mas lady siya sakin, kelangan ko na ata magpaturo how to be a proper :). I’m really proud of her. She deserves all the success that she has right now. She’s one of the most determined persons I know. I last saw her five years ago and I really regret not seeing her all those years. I used to talk to her all the time during high school. Pero no worries kasi she’s just a train away now. 🙂

Had tea before the film and got the chance to meet Msk. She’s really nice. Too bad I was too shy to say anything worth saying. Hope she did not take it badly.

So that’s it for my last August weekend.

I wish September would be a better month :). Ending the month with a fight – not a good idea.

Bonfire of Victory

Bonfire at the Sunken Garden. I did went there to see it for myself. It was smaller than what I had expected but everyone seemed to like it. Well who wouldn’t, it symbolizes the victory (1st in the season) of the UP MBT against AdU MBT. No more losing streak for UP :).

In other news, the anticipated mass yesterday was quite uncomfortable, #awkward.

Enrolment Feels


It’s official! Well almost, still unpaid, still haven’t printed the SPP Report.

I’m just so glad that Sir Karlo overbooked his class to accommodate me. I couldn’t thank him enough for that. I was already feeling hopeless at 4PM. Although, I feel a little guilty because he said that he would transfer some students to the other class because his class is so full already. I hope everything will work out just fine.

Now I can say hello to the first semester of my last year in college! 😀 God really is amazing. ❤

A Week with My Loves

Went home last Thursday and guess what, we didn’t have electricity :o. I still hadn’t finished my SPP Report so I really needed to use my laptop or else, good-bye graduation.

Luckily, Naga City is a much more developed place than our little town of Sipocot; they were able to bring back the electricity there just few days after Glenda hit Bicol. I stayed with my sisters Pinks and Chu, who study in Naga City, for a whole week while finishing my SPP Report. It was great because I had the time to bond with my little sisters who aren’t so little anymore (they’re both taller than me huhu).

I was alone in the house during their classes and had time to finish my SPP Report. When they had already arrived from school, I would cook lunch and dinner. I was so happy to have their kitchen all to myself :). One time, I cooked Adobo with Pineapple but only Chu was there to taste my incredible dish ;).

Too bad I have to go back to UP soon. I’m really enjoying my chill life here.