Blackout 2014: Loud Music, Booze and Friends


First legit PARTY that I attended in my entire college life 🙂

Fun because of my friends. Deafening ultra loud music was annoying. Booze was not so good. Nice conversation with drunk pips, though. AND, I stayed sober the whole time. 😛

Cheers for the experience!


Visiting Emma

“Finally! After n years! :)” (Annie, 2014)

Lakas ko talaga makagrab ng photo from her all the time :). (31 Aug 2014)

Friends and A Silent Film

Got to watch “Curro Vargas” last Sunday with Boss and my friends Kim, Annie and Oreo, Annie’s boyfriend. Dami ganap that day. I was so sleepy from staying up late the night before pero it was worth it.

I stayed at Emma’s hotel room all morning, just making kwento with the girls. Had a make-up tutorial from Kim, who have turned into a really strong and beautiful lady. And mas lady siya sakin, kelangan ko na ata magpaturo how to be a proper :). I’m really proud of her. She deserves all the success that she has right now. She’s one of the most determined persons I know. I last saw her five years ago and I really regret not seeing her all those years. I used to talk to her all the time during high school. Pero no worries kasi she’s just a train away now. 🙂

Had tea before the film and got the chance to meet Msk. She’s really nice. Too bad I was too shy to say anything worth saying. Hope she did not take it badly.

So that’s it for my last August weekend.

I wish September would be a better month :). Ending the month with a fight – not a good idea.

Eve of Ebo’s Bday: Sabog Night with Awesome Friends

Yup I got drunk, again. But it was worth it. Besides, I came home safe and the guard on duty didn’t notice that Jade and I were drunk 🙂 #ladyninjas.

From that place beside Flaming Wings (I forgot the name, it was new) to Loading Point, not a single boring minute :).

Cheers to Ebo! For another year of good health, fun, friendship and, hopefully, new love life. 😀

Movie Date: She’s Dating the Gangster

With my lovely girls: Annie, Mona and Mado. Super random talaga nito kaya sobrang saya. 😀

One of those epic days when you and one of your bffs had the same eureka moment to a watch a movie suddenly. We make things possible! ‪#‎latepost‬ ‪#‎SDTG‬ ‪#‎whaaaatsorandom‬ HAHAHA” (Annie, 2014)

I hope we can have a lot more random lakwatsya this year, next time with Jade and Hazel and maybe the boys. 🙂