Cheers Chair!


Yey! I’m done with Shop 7 and this is the fruit of my labor, well, OUR labor. Stephen and I worked really hard on it. Super worth it, the chair is AMAZING! :))


Bum Day at Sampa

I rested while the ghosts haunted hihihi! :3

Just had an amazing homebody day! Feels so good to have the whole day to myself. No combing. No dressing up properly. Just me, my bed and my laptop :D.

I was able to finish the methodology for the formal report of an on going experiment (or was it already done?) due few weeks from now so yey – not totally unproductive today! I was supposed to study for an exam on Tuesday but I’ll leave that for tomorrow. Too busy pampering myself. Yup, staying in is my pampering. Nothing beats the warmth of my pillows and bed and the feeling of drinking hot choco while it’s raining. I love this cozy day!

I almost starved today, though. Thank God for McDonald’s delivery. It got delayed for almost an hour but hey, when the food is there just shut up and eat. 🙂



FInally! After going back and forth for several times, I’m finally done with the clearance form. I just have to surrender this to the QC Office to get my certificate of completion.

I still need to go back to Bulacan one last time for my C.H.E.C.K.! Yey I’m rich! Haha. Nah, it’s just probably a little over 12k. Still, I’m happy to earn my own money. 🙂

Boss came with me. ‘Twas a good thing ’cause I was so sleepy and I was able to sleep in the bus without worrying. 🙂